Weekend Alert for Choose Chicago

If you're into comics, Templeton or 200-year-old cedar chests, consider yourself booked for the next three days. This weekend Chicago hosts an iconic musical, one of the country's biggest antique fairs and a major comic and entertainment expo. So cue the fireworks, start the parade and show out because it's time to make weekend plans

Merchandise Mart International Antiques Fair (4/26-4/29)

Is your dining room table's centerpiece an ashtray? Do you still have a shag carpet throw rug? Is your idea of a conversation piece a 3rd place bowling trophy that's displayed proudly on your mantle? If you answered yes to any of the previously mentioned questions, you need a complete decorating overhaul. Fast. Lucky for you, more than 100 of the world's top fine art and antique dealers will be at the Merchandise Mart this weekend. You'd be amazed how some alabaster decorative stone, a Faberge egg and a Baroque-style bedroom set can turn your life around. When I have guests at my place, they're super impressed by my carefully curated collection of mahogany grandfather clocks.

C2E2 - Chicago Comic & Entertainment Festival (4/26-4/28)

The best people watching in Chicago won't be on Rush Street this weekend, it'll be the comic expo C2E2. Featuring live entertainment, celebrity appearances and hoards of costume-adorned superhero aspirants, this is a must-attend show for comic fans or people looking for a judgment-free environment to wear head-to-toe spandex. For an insider's guide to must-see events, click here.  

WhiskeyFest (4/26)

The longest-running whiskey show in the country comes to Chicago this weekend, and it brings with it some 300 types of distilled grains. Because of the craft cocktail movement, impressing a mixologist with your ability to distinguish Tennessee whiskey, bourbon and blended Scotch is more important than ever. This event at the Hyatt Regency features guest speakers, seminars from master distillers and, of course, lots of tastings.

I Can Get it for Wholesale at the Strawdog Theatre (4/27-5/1)

This musical debuted in 1962, starring a then 19-years-old Barbara Streisand. The story is of a man who tries to lie and steal his way to the top of New York's garment industry, but ends up losing everything he worked for. No, Barbara's not going to dust off the vocal chords for a starring role in this adaptation, but it's always worth checking out a classic.

School of Rock at House of Blues (4/28)

Not every concert you go to has to be a no holds barred mosh fest or trendy music festival. Sometimes the coolest thing you can do is support our aspiring rockstars. School of Rock is a band of talented kids and they're worth your time. As an added bonus, when they blow up you can rightfully claim to have been a fan since day one. No more, "I was into Radiohead before they were big." In the future, you'll be able to claim rockstars as your own since they were in middle school. The rest of the people at the concert?  Well, they're just poseurs.  

For a detailed and up-to-the-minute calendar of Chicago events, click here.

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