DJ Turntable

It's ironic that, in the age of records' resurgence as a popular music format, DJs are using more software than vinyl than ever before. The production and accessibility of these programs may be at its highest rate but that classic needle-on-wax sound is missing from too many clubs around town. 

Luckily, one Chicago events group isn't taking the shift in dance music lying down. Cage and Aquarium continues its Monster Eat Laptops series this month and will make an appearance at one additional event that beer lovers should take note of. 

Catch the C+A DJs spinning all-vinyl sets on Thursday, January 29, at Logan Square craft cocktail and music fix The Whistler. The free party will feature music from the '80s and '90s with everything from funk to house to hip hop and everything that falls in between - all played straight from records. 

Cage and Aquarium lead DJ and general manager Tyler Huffman shot Chicago Like A Local an email earlier this week explaining why we need to keep vinyl alive on the dance floor. 

"It's really just a style difference because nearly all DJs must adapt to the digital age of music to continue to get work. However, with the evolution of software and hardware, the convenience of digital DJing is accompanied by a large amount of shortcuts. These shortcuts are watering down the industry significantly. Monsters Eat Laptops and other all-vinyl shows are a response to that current dynamic. 

To curate a good vinyl set takes an advanced skill level and it represents hours upon hours of digging through local record stores to find the right songs to play to different audiences. Many music savvy bars, restaurants and private event clients are requesting vinyl sets because of the credibility and a bit of nostalgia that comes along with it."

There you have it. If you've ever caught yourself rolling your eyes at the state of dance music or complaining about the fact that all DJ sets sound the same these days, put Cage and Aquarium to the test. You'll be sore if you miss the next installment of Monsters Eat Laptop. To be fair, you might be sore if you do attend as well, but that will more likely be from all the footwork you'll be doing out on the floor. 

Need more vinyl enthusiasm? Join C+A at Elbo Room in Lakeview on Tuesday, January 27, for Brew & Grooves. You'll get the same all-vinyl sets from the DJ crew plus have the option of a $15 local beer drink package that will get you all the brew that you can put down from 9 p.m. to 12 a.m. Don't sweat it if you can't make it out to this one. Brew & Grooves is going down on the last Tuesday of every month. 

Photo: Turntable by Raban Haaljk via flickr