Vinyasa Vino Trump

As we quickly approach the summer beach season, you may find yourself looking for creative ways to get your work out on. Well, look no further than The Spa at Trump®, who  have cracked the code to figuring out the most attractive way to break a sweat. In their unique multi-sensory group fitness classes, The Spa offers two classes you won't want to miss: Vinyasa & Vino yoga classes, and Barbells & Bourbon classes. And yes, they are just as wonderful as they sound.


Offered the last Thursday of every month this summer, both of these unique 90-minute fitness classes offer participants an ideal outlet to flex both their physical and spirits-tasting muscles.

Barbells & Bourbon: Designed for the strength training seeker at any level, this class includes one-hour of dynamic strength training exercises led by the Spa's skilled fitness team. After breaking a good sweat, you'll be reward with a spirited bourbon tasting. 

Vinyasa Vino Trump

Vinyasa & Vino: Whether you consider yourself an all out yogi or a casual yoga-goer, this class will have you feeling great and ready for a few glasses of Trump Winery wines. Led by engaging and knowledgeable certified instructor Angie Starz, this yoga practice will have you feeling equally comfortable and challenged. Who would have thought that the prospect of wine at the end of the practice would heighten your concentration and balance? (In my experience, at least!) 

Vinyasa Vino Trump

After actively engaging in strenuous, or relaxing, physical activity for the first 60 minutes of each class, a beautiful thing happens when both classes are invited to join in the studio for the bourbon and wine tasting. The group is then joined by one of Sixteen Team Member to guide the group through each individual tasting: three exquisite wines for the Vinyasa Yoga class, three unique bourbons for the Barbells class. And there, sitting cross-legged in a circle of exercise-clothes clad individuals, the group is treated to one of the most wonderfully simplistic and resonant tasting courses you're sure to experience.

Vinyasa Vino Trump

And while you're at the magnificent Trump International Tower & Hotel having just got your fitness on, why not stop by the Terrace at Trump at the most lovely hour of the day? Stick around until after sunset, and you just might be able to order a cocktail off the glow in the dark menu which while they may break the bank they sure are worth the expense.

Terrace at Trump 

So leave your weights and running shoes at home, and engage in a kind of work out that will appease your body, mind, and taste buds. Shake up your workout routine with one of these unique fitness classes for $45 a person. To book your spot in the class call The Spa at Trump Membership Director Caroline Rawlings at (312) 588-8126.

We'll toast to that!