DMK Thanksgiving BurgerThanksgiving cometh. You can practically taste the turkey and the lethargy already. You still have some time to prepare for the grand feast, but in the meantime what you can do to prepare is eat your way through some of Chicago's coolest Thanksgiving-inspired eats. We're talking Thanksgiving burgers, pumpkin pie doughnuts, empanadas stuffed with stuffing, and more Thanksgiving burgers. Here are some of the most notable Thanksgiving dishes to eat around town right now.

Thanksgiving Burgers

DMK Burger Bar (2954 N. Sheffield Ave.)

Have you ever been eating your Thanksgiving dinner and thought to yourself, "I wish I could combine everything into one burger?" Well now you can, thanks to DMK Burger Bar. The new Gobbler, pictured above, is a veritable holiday binge in one handheld package, featuring a turkey patty topped with stuffing, mashed potatoes, celery, and cranberry relish.

Rockit Burger Bar (3700 N. Clark St.)

Matt KirouacDMK isn't the only one doling out Thanksgiving-inspired burgers this season. Rockit Burger Bar gets in on the American pastime with its own riff on handheld Thanksgiving. The Great Pumpkin Burger features a pumpkin and Black Angus patty topped with baked Brie, Cabernet-cranberry jelly, and a cinnamon-sugar toasted harvest bun.

Kuma's Corner (2900 W. Belmont Ave. and 666 W. Diversey Pkwy.)

Apparently Thanksgiving burgers are a big thing, because that's not all. The preeminent destination for Thanksgiving burgers is Kuma's Corner, the decadent metal bar notorious for gut-busting burgers, loud music, and mosh pit-like crowds. But it's worth it. Especially for their yearly November tradition, the Sleep burger, so named because it will induce naps. It consists of a thick turkey patty bedecked with cranberry jelly, fried sage, turkey gravy, and a tempura-fried stuffing patty as thick as the burger itself, all sandwiched on a pretzel bun.

Main Course  

Tanta (118 W. Grand Ave.)

Matt Kirouac

For Thanksgiving with Peruvian pizazz, head to Tanta. Beginning November 29, the South American enclave will feature dishes such as empanadas stuffed with turkey stuffing and raisins; pavo al horno, crispy turkey leg confit with kabocha squash puree, honey-chile panca sauce, celery, and apple salad; and chaufa Thanksgiving, a medley of raisin and vegetable fried rice, turkey tortilla, and garlic-chile sauce.

And For Dessert...

More (1 E. Delaware Pl.)

Matt KirouacEnjoy all your favorite Thanksgiving sweets in cupcake form at More. The pristine cupcake boutique has a handful of Thanksgiving-centric flavors on deck this month, including a sweet potato-orange cupcake that will put your standard marshmallow-y sweet potatoes to shame, a pumpkin cinnamon cream cheese cupcake that manages to out-tantalize any pie, and even a pecan pie cupcake. They've also got bourbon-infused cupcakes, in case you're having one of those holidays.

Firecakes (68 W. Hubbard St.)

Matt KirouacThe only way you can improve upon good old fashioned pumpkin pie is by deep-frying it. Rather than deep-frying a whole slab of actual pie like a gluttonous monster, Firecakes makes it easier and more socially acceptable to consume fried pumpkin pie with its new pumpkin pie doughnuts. The salacious confection is a pumpkin cake doughnut made with local pumpkin puree and classic pie spices, topped with pumpkin pie filling and candied pecans.

bellyQ (1400 W. Randolph St.)

In case you're not too pied out, head to bellyQ for a novel interpretation of apple pie. This one comes in the form of apple pie soft-serve ice cream, wherein luscious vanilla ice cream is swirled with sweet Honey Crisp apples and shortbread crumble.

Photos: DMK Burger Bar, Rockit Burger Bar, Tanta, More, and Firecakes