Logan Square - Blog

As the city of Chicago continues to grow and expand many of the western neighborhoods have experienced prosperous surges. While Logan Square (located west of the northern Lincoln Park and Lakeview neighborhoods) has been on the up and up for years now with its art and dining offerings, it's the music scene in this neighborhood that really seems to be coming into its own.

Congress Theater (2135 N. Milwaukee Ave.) & Logan Square Auditorium (2539 N. Kedzie)

The high capacity staples -- the Congress Theater and Logan Square Auditorium -- are there to stay (probably). They possess the ability to pull in the big names and please the concert-going crowds. It's the smaller, cozier music-focused bars though that keep popping up that aim to please any music fan looking for a night out on the town.

The Whistler (2421 N. Milwaukee Ave.)

For the artsy folk... What doesn't The Whistler do well? A solid calendar of live music and DJs seven nights a week. A new art gallery display every month. A successful record label run out of the bar. And a cocktail menu that earned the bar a spot on GQ Magazine's "25 Best Cocktail Bars in America" list. Stroll into the bar and start with a cocktail. Take a look around. You'll likely stay for the music though, especially if it's a Tuesday. The Whistler's Relax Attack Jazz Series is a must for fans of the genre.

Rosa's Lounge (3420 W. Armitage Ave.)

For the blues fan... Rosa's Lounge is your Logan Square go-to. Nearly 30-years-old with the history to prove it. Founded by an Italian immigrant family in the '80s, Rosa's stage is nationally known. With an emphasis on making the musicians and listeners truly feel at home, Rosa's bypasses the tourist-y feel of several of the other popular Chicago blues stops without sacrificing any of the quality.

Burlington's (3425 W. Fullerton Ave.)

For the adventurous soul... Burlington's is described as "The place in Logan Square, Chicago for live bands, weekly DJs, cheap booze and shots. Lots of shots." With that description in mind -- and the fact that the bar's beer menu labels light beers as "water'" -- it should be pretty obvious that this is an excellent choice if you're looking to get "loose" in Logan Square.

However, drinking yourself into a haze is far from the only thing to do at this hip spot. It's been a fun ride with The Burlington since its grand opening five years ago. Along the way, it's stage has become one of the hottest bookings in the city for local and touring acts. There's typically a DJ in the front room for the dancers and a band playing in the back for the rockers -- so keep your wits about you or you'll miss some seriously good tunes.