Opportunity Rocks

Summer is finally here and Chicago comedy is on full blast. This week, I have three shows I'm recommending for your Thursday night viewing pleasure. Two of the three are closing this week, so this will be your last chance to see them.

The Public House Theatre
8 p.m. 

Opportunity Rocks is a satirical look on the backhanded stereotypes that fuel America and its promises of "opportunity." Greg Ott and Bryan Duff open the show by addressing the audience and informing us of all the reverse "opportunities" America provides. They explore issues of equality, race, unemployment, animal rights, social media, free speech and raising children. They say what we're all thinking and they say what we try to avoid thinking about. They throw out a number of heavy-hitting issues and back up each with informed commentary and thought-provoking insights and questions. Ott and Duff have skillfully crafted a smart, informative and introspective show that I recommend for anyone interested in a thoughtful challenge and earned laugh. 

Read the full review at LifesAFunnyScene.com.  


10 p.m.

ComedySportz Chicago is proud to introduce a new kind of improv show: a hip-hop based rap show. Directed by ensemble member Rene Duquesnoy and featuring a cast of both ComedySportz ensemble members and other actors, Rapture is a blend of freestyle and improv comedy, and features twelve of the funniest folks with flow you will find in Chicago. Watch them cut and scratch scenes together in a narrative, mixing hip-hop with all genres. Rapture culminates in a massive freestyle session, calling back themes, characters and story in a big mic-dropping ending. 

Rapture will be playing at ComedySportz through the month of July, so if you can't make it out this Thursday, you have an entire month to go see the show.  


Studio Be
10 p.m.

George Lusk is a two-man show consisting of Caleb George and Matt Lusk. As real life friends for the better part of a decade, they easily anticipate each other’s moves. They have the ease, certainty and style of TJ and Dave, but with a more boastful energy – not quite as calm. They are two unlikely characters and each play to their strengths. These two aren't afraid to explore some of the deeper issues in life and brush off the dust on topics many decide to shove in the closet. They always play real. They know which buttons to push and levers to pull and without saying a word, they both know where the other is going. Watching these two is like watching two buddies play a game of catch - a game of catch you’ll never see again and a game of catch you’d never expect to be so enlightening.

Read the full review at LifesAFunnyScene.com


*This is your last chance to see these two shows. Thursday, June 26th will be the end of their run, so don't miss out!