Swissotel Chicago's Lobby

The Swissotel Chicago, located along the Chicago River just east of Michigan Avenue, is an all-glass, triangular shaped luxury hotel. From the building's higher level floors, guests have clear views of Lake Michigan, The Magnificent Mile and Navy Pier, all of which are within walking distance. In sum, the Swissotel doesn't need to do much to incentivize a visit. Its location and undisputable style are reason enough to book a stay right now.  

If Chicago's learned anything from Michael Jordan, Oprah Winfrey or--umm--Cheap Trick, it's that success shouldn't stop you from trying to be perfect. So in an effort to be impeccable, the Swissotel's recently undergone a complete renovation of the lobby, front desk and fitness facilities, giving guests a collection of newly refurbished reasons to stay at a Chicago classic.     

The Renovations

One of the hotel's more striking features is its gym. Located on the property's 42nd floor, the fitness center overlooks the entire downtown area, Chicago River and Lake Michigan. The Swissotel's replaced all of its equipment with brand new state-of-the-art models, so your abs will be as tight your view from the treadmill.  

The hotel's lounge offers Starbuck's coffee and a chocolate croissant that's worth your while, but the nearby grab-and-go might be the hotels most valuable dining option. While many hotels leave you with a refrigerator full of marked-up Snickers and inexplicably tiny Sprite's, the Swissotel offers a more convenient and desirable (read: European chocolate, healthy meal choices and alcoholic beverages) option.

The Food & Drink

Drinking at a hotel bar just makes sense. I mean, you have floor after floor of places to crash above you and an onslaught of out-of-town bridesmaids who are looking for restaurant recommendations--it's a no brainer. And the Swissotel inspires caravansary cocktails even more with their in-house lounge, Amuse.

"The great thing about Amuse is that it doesn't feel like a hotel bar," says manager Eric Germata, "but you still get the same level of 4-star service." The goal of any luxury hotel should be to provide an atmosphere of elegance and class without permeating the stuffiness associated with either. A standing ovation to Germata for creating an aristocratic environment that feels, rather miraculously, like a living room.

And if you're looking for plated dinner or room service chaser for your cocktail, the Swissotel has you covered.

"We infuse our Swiss roots into whatever we do, and that's reflective of the menu, says executive chef Dan McGee, "the food is exceptionally high quality - especially our Vitality menu, which is health-focused. It's food that tastes good and energizes you for a successful day."

The View

OK, not a new reason to stay, but arguably the property's most compelling motivation is in its architecture.

Unique to the Swissotel Chicago is its triangular shape. The building was designed by world renowned architect, Harry Weese, who used a triangle design motif throughout his career. The building's façade is strategically positioned, affording guests uninterrupted views of the Chicago River, Lake Michigan and downtown area. The Swissotel's shape is distinctive in its own right, but it also has a practical purpose. I've been on enough uncomfortable first dates to know that beauty AND brains are an unbeatable combination, and the Swissotel is

For more information about the Swissotel or to book your stay, click here.

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