There's a ton of great comedy coming up in the next few weeks, but remember not to miss you last chance to see these three stellar shows this week. Here's a round up of three shows you absolutely, positively must see this week. 

Anarchy: An Improvised Rock Opera

Studio BE
Thursday at 7:30pm

This group of eight performers and Brad Kemp, musical director, rightfully deserve the standing ovation they have received night after night. This show could be described as the offspring of RENT and Baby Wants Candy nannied by Improvised Shakespeare. Taking the suggestion of "The Great Wall of China," they crafted at least seven different story lines based off of relationships that they all tied back together by the end of the hour long show. With deep-rooted callbacks and perfectly timed, yet unexpected, one-liners, this performance was not only rich with substance, but also boasted of pure talent and smart comedic relief. This cast is dynamite and Thursday is your last chance to see them, so don't miss it.

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Better Halves

The Public House Theatre 
Saturday at 10:00pm

Ilana Gordon and Chris Bragg weave an intricate web of characters that all manage to have some sort of tie to newly weds, John and Melanie, whose wedding is the opening scene. Every interaction is clever and intentional. Characters range from Old Country Buffet employees to suicidal girlfriends to competitive Little Leaguers. Every character is introduced with a unique relationship and as the show evolves, we see how those linear relationships twist and turn and intertwine with one another. Video messages to John and Melanie are the common thread that hold every character together by a single degree of separation. Better Halves is a beautiful and smart demonstration of honest human relationships of all caliber, class and conduct and I highly recommend it. 

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Comedy March Madnezz Tournament

Friday and Saturday, shows at 8:00pm and 10:00pm 

This semi-annual competition breaks the ComedySportz ensemble into divisions that have been competing over the last four weeks and the championship match will be this Saturday. This year, the competition is bigger than ever, over 60 comedians are competing in 12 different divisions, which have been determined by the player's college alma maters. ComedySportz will represent over 50 different colleges separated into the following divisions: Texas, Crossroads, East Coast, Great Lakes, Midwest, North East, South Central, The South, Southwest, West Coast, and Illinois, with enough Chicago players to make them a division unto themselves. Stop by ComedySportz this weekend to see who comes out a champ.