Almost A Genius

Some people like to jump on the “women aren’t funny” bandwagon. Well, I just won’t have that. If funny ladies (and Emmy Award winners) like Tina Fey and Julia Louis-Dreyfuss can come out of Chicago, guess what? There’s plenty more where they came from and here’s a few of them I’m recommending you go see this week.

MUST SEE TONIGHT: “Almost A Genius” By Maria Wojciechowski
The Playground Theatre
TONIGHT at 10:00pm
Tickets are $5

This is the most brilliantly honest show I have ever seen. It explores the tragedy of mood disorders and depression with dark comedic undertones. "Almost A Genius" is an extremely professional, thoughtful, creative, multi-media event that will leave your heart aching but filled with love and compassion all at the same time.

Maria does a beautiful job balancing smart comedy with dark double entendres throughout this constantly moving masterpiece. She dances through a number of colorful characters, using them to illustrate and educate on mental illnesses.

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Sweet Tease

Sweet Tease
Donny’s Skybox
Thursday 9/26 at 10:30pm
Tickets are $12 to the General Public
$10 for Students
$8 for Second City Training Center Students

Sweet Tease is a seven-woman improv group that takes comedy and exploring “womanly” issues to a whole new level. With the way these ladies play so well to each other’s strengths, you’d never guess they’ve only been together for about seven months. With a delightful blend of grounded and fanciful scenes, these gals keep the energy high the entire time. Rooted in the idea that women bond together through the toughest and silliest of times, Sweet Tease is like eating an apple and binging on ice cream – they just balance each other out. You know what I’m talking about.

The Sh*t Show
The Shambles
Friday 9/27 at 8:00pm

The Sh*t Show has become a staple in the Chicago comedy community. It’s a variety show started about three years ago by female comedians Rasa Gierstikas and Ever Mainard. These ladies have garnered quite a lot of attention from both local and national press over the years and, with the recent departure of Ever (moving to Los Angeles last month), Rasa is ready to keep this train chugging along. Join Rasa and this week’s guest hosts, Corey Calvert and Keith Paesel, for a night filled with laughs. Yes, I went there. Now you, go the The Shambles Friday night!