Three Compelling Reasons to Visit Pastoral's Artisan Producer Festival

I know of a magical place, my friends. It's a place where one can sample wine, beer and food from some of the finest culinary minds on the planet. It is a beautiful land solely created to celebrate the finer things that touch our tongues and to honor the geniuses (or whatever the plural of genius is) that make those savory delights possible. It is a place vastly unknown, like Oz. But unlike Oz, there are no witches or James Franco squinty eyes. There is just food, and beer, and wine, and people that love these things.


I am talking about the Pastoral Artisan Producer Festival that takes place on April 27 from 11-3pm at the Chicago French Market. The festival, sponsored by local favorite, Pastoral Artisan Bread, Cheese, and Wine, takes place at the Chicago French Market (131 North Clinton Street). For four full hours, more than 80 culinary producers will be featuring their finest work and encouraging guests to sample and enjoy. Some of the featured cheese producers include Columbia Cheese, Dutch Girl Cheese, and Zingerman's Creamery (this girl's favorite!).


Beer producers both internationally and locally will be on hand with samples as well, including Artisanal Imports - a company that brings the good stuff from Germany, Belgium, and the Netherlands - and local companies Uncle John's Cider and 5 Rabbit. If that doesn't satisfy your booze tooth enough, the wine selection certainly will. Featuring wineries around the globe, everyone in your party will find a libation that tickles their taste-buds.

Special Events!

If the eating and drinking is not exciting enough, there is a whole host of special events, including a book signing with the co-founder of Zingerman's (insert my fan-girl squeal), and a tutorial on how to butcher and barbeque a whole pig.

The best part? You don't have to be in a tornado like Dorothy, or a conniving magician like Oz to go. Just show up at the French Market between 11 and 3 on April 27, and all of this could be yours! For a better idea of what to expect, check out the trailer below:

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