US Cellular Field

With only 17 more games at U.S. Cellular Field this season, the Chicago White Sox are caught up in a gripping, highly competitive pennant race. If playoff-caliber baseball isn't enough to get you to the ballpark, we should also mention that they sell beer and premium beef hot dogs at the stadium! Sit back, relax and strap it down as we give you three more awesome reasons to visit U.S. Cellular Field. 

The Team 

Chris Sale might win the Cy Young. Adam Dunn may be baseball's Comeback Player of the Year. And that Robin Ventura guy seems to know what he's doing, too. The White Sox aren't just good, they're awesome. And watching them play is the best bargain in Major League Baseball. Period.

On "Value Mondays" upper-deck seats start at $7. By comparison, similar tickets for the Boston Red Sox (who have recently traded away their team and are 13.5 games out of first place) cost $52 per seat. We're not good at math, but we coupon clip enough to know a good deal when we see one.

The Stadium

The home of the White Sox was built in 1991. The era of flat tops, slap bracelets, and neon windbreakers. For something designed when Amy Grant was cool, U.S. Cellular Field is in remarkably good taste.

The multi-tiered batter's eye in centerfield serves as a footstool to the stadium's trademark scoreboard. The party deck, complete with warp around concourse, is the perfect place to watch the you-can-put-it-on-the-board-yessss fireworks. And those have happened A LOT this season.

Fun Tip: Keep an eye out for screaming, line drive home runs off the bat of Adam Dunn. A baseball makes a great souvenir, but can be incredibly painful if you're dotted with one while trying to "check in" on Facebook. 

The Amenities

Talk about traditional baseball charms all you want, but there's something to be said for imported beer options and walk-up music. Alexei Ramirez steps to the plate with Rihanna's "Rude Boy," at a ten; it's totally awesome and gives me chills. Thanks to Godron Beckham, "Your Love" by The Outfield has become as much a part of the audible fabric of the team as "He gone!" And I'm totally okay with that.

Clean bathrooms. Reasonable lines. And, if the craving hits you, you're never far from a funnel cake.

Go, Sox!