There are only a few days left to take advantage of Chicago Theatre Week. While some shows have unfortunately sold out, there are some pretty exciting options still available. Here are just a few recommendations, and be sure to check out the Theatre Week website for a full list of shows.

SONS OF THE PROPHET - American Theatre Company

sons of the prophet

I saw this subtle and powerful play in New York, and was blown away by how it managed to find humor and heart in a story about being lost. It's no surprise that it went on to win many high-profile New York awards in the 2012 season. While I haven't seen American Theatre Company's production, I can attest their work is consistently top-drawer.

EDGES - Circle Theatre


It's a rare thing with a fresh, young musical theatre composer makes waves. Especially considering the rapidly rising popularity of juke-box musicals and revivals of tried-and-true material, which diminish the ability for new composers to shine. However, two rapidly up-and-coming artists have made a name for themselves with a Tony award nomination and have earned some real street cred within the industry. This revue featuring some of their early work is sure to satisfy the musical theatre lover in all of us.

ROSE AND THE RIME - House Theatre 

Rose and the Rime

House Theatre of Chicago never fails to provide a memorable theatrical experience, and Rose and the Rime is a show that will stay with you -- both figuratively (there are some surprisingly emotional moments in this whimsical tale of a town cast under a snow spell and a young woman who fights to undo it) and literally (you'll be finding bits of paper snow in your pockets through the new year).

THE HOW AND THE WHY - TimeLine Theatre Company

the how and why

Quite simply, I've heard amazing things about this production from trusted insiders. Also, this smart and compelling new play deals with the themes of science, family, and survival of the fittest -- all things that have the potential for ripe drama and biting comedy.