Talbott Hotel Chicago

I've spent many evenings in the Gold Coast out and about and more than once I've wondered "Wouldn't be easier just to find a hospitable hostelry and stay over?" When one has the time, whether traveling from Dubai or Dubuque, why not just rest a while? I can heartily recommend such an overnight excursion at the celebrated Talbott Hotel on Delaware Place.

When you walk in the lobby, you can rest a while on their chaise lounge, take in a brandy, and watch the fire roar on (never fear: it's contained to a fireplace, mind you). 

Talbott Hotel Chicago

The Talbott Hotel opened in 1927 and while it has been recently renovated, you might also say that it retains the glamour of another age when men tipped their hats to women and holding the door was a prerequisite for those who wish to put their best Emily Post forward. The staff around the hotel maintains these traditions, and I'd recommend checking in with one of their concierges for anything you might require.

Talbott Hotel Chicago

And for the rooms? You'll be surrounded by decor that includes prints and drawings depicting British lords of the hunt, complete with rich woods, elaborate writing desks, and a color scheme that includes sage, burgundy, and other simpatico colors. Each of the rooms features pillow top beds with a small fleet of pillows, a terribly soft duvet, and modern touches such as an Apple Mac Mini and more.

For folks traveling with canine companions, they welcome dogs (I saw a pair of adorable Boston terriers during my visit) and it's worth noting that they offer a multitude of special packages throughout the year as well. And yes: there's 24-hour room service, which is quite nice if you're just looking to nest during your visit.

May I suggest that you leave your room for a moment? You won't be gone long, but Mercadito Kitchen is right off the lobby and it's worth the short trip down to see what's on offer. The restaurant is distinguished by its fresh and flavorful Mexican food that brings together traditional fare with a notable beverage program.

Get started with one of their traditional margaritas offered with one of their signature glasses that's gently salted on one side of the rim. Of course, there are other drinks, but this is certainly the best way to prepare your palate. Moving on, I'd recommend the mango guacamole and a salsa or two (roja and habanero are a fine one-two punch)

I'd consider the whole menu as it does have great breadth. Alright, are you done? Go for those tacos and be quick about it. Top honors for me go to the pollo, which feature rosemary marinated grilled chicken, mole verde, sweet plantains, and pumpkin seeds. 

Also, don't forget: they have happy hour every day from 5 to 7PM. You can take advantage of speciality cocktails for $5.50, $4 glasses of wine, $3 Mexican beers (Tecate, anyone?) and more.

After such a repast, it's time to go upstairs and retire. Never fear: your bed has been turned down already. 


Photos: The Talbott Hotel credit IMR Media