The Second City Let Them Eat Chaos When you walk through the arches, beneath the stone busts of German philosophers and through the doors of The Second City Mainstage Theatre, you're greeted by the smiling faces of all the actors who've graced that stage over the past 53 years. The ones you recognize jump out at you: John Belushi, Bill Murray, Dan Aykroyd, Chris Farley, Mike Myers, Tina Fey, Steve Carell and Stephen Colbert, to name a few.

You walk upstairs. The bar and lobby are also covered in comedy icons. Two things come to mind: "What is this place doing differently that fosters so many comedy legends?" And, looking around at the growing line, "Boy, am I glad I bought my ticket early."

For 100 comedy revues, The Second City has honed a process of writing, improvising and rehearsing that consistently creates outstanding sketch comedy shows and sketch comedy performers. And for the past three months, six brave actors have carried that mantle while crafting the company's 101st revue, "Let Them Eat Chaos," on stage now at The Second City.

Under the award-winning direction of Matt Hovde (Studs Terkel's Not Working, Sky's the Limit: Weather Permitting) the cast of Edgar Blackmon, Ross Bryant, Holly Laurent, Tawny Newsome, Katie Rich and Steve Waltien, along with musical director Julie Nichols and stage manager Craig Taylor, delved into our news, culture and collective unconscious through audience improv suggestions.

They channel and shape those ideas through improvisation and writing, testing new scenes out for a live audience as they are created.

The result? A guaranteed hilarious and timely evening of songs, scenes and satire.

Go see it and let me know what you think of the new show!

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