Museum of Mexican Art - Holidays - Blog

In Mexican culture, the holiday season is a magical and revered time of the year, marked by festivals, parties, and religious traditions. Fortunately, you don't have to travel south of the border to enjoy this uniquely Mexican take on Christmas. The National Museum of Mexican Art, (located in Chicago's vibrant neighborhood, Pilsen) is devoted to bringing Mexican tradition and culture to you, and this holiday season is no different.

In Spanish, the words Mercado Navideño mean, "Christmas Fair," and the National Museum of Mexican Art brings the festivities to our city by hosting its own. This year, the Mercado promises to be an exciting one, with a collection of beautiful hand-crafted goods from Mexico. Each piece is unique and special, and the goods are all fairly imported from Mexican artists.

Featured at the Mercado will be both traditional and popular Mexican art, which promise to make unique gifts this holiday season. While you are there, check out the other exhibits featured at the museum, including one in honor of Chicago artist Francisco G. Mendoza, and another featuring the art of university students in Mexico. In the gift shop, you'll also find books on Mexican art and collections of authentic recipes for your favorite Mexican foods.

The Mercado runs from 10am to 5pm Friday, Saturday, and Sunday of Thanksgiving weekend. While your friends are stuck in lines at huge retailers this Black Friday weekend, you can find beautiful authentic Mexican art and culture at the National Museum of Mexican Art. If your visit to Chicago is a little later in the year, don't fret-the museum has two workshops in December on how to create your own authentic Mexican Christmas ornaments. On December 8, the event is targeted towards children, while another on December 16 is for all ages.

This season is a perfect opportunity to enjoy all of the beautiful traditions that Mexican art and culture have to offer, and you can do it right here in Chicago!