Matt Kirouac

Chicago may not abut an ocean, but we're second to none in terms of stellar seafood. And on August 16 and 17, we embrace our inner New England for The Great American Lobster Fest.

The first annual Lobster Fest takes place at Navy Pier, an apropos setting considering the attraction's peerless proximity to Lake Michigan, a Great Lake so grand it resembles an ocean. Featuring lobsters sourced from New England Seafood Company, a Lakeview seafood haunt run by New England expats, the fest is a showcase for shellfish at its finest. From 10 a.m. until 10 p.m. each day, Lobster Fest features family-friendly flavors and fun fresh from the seashores of Boston.

But there's lots more to the event than lobster. Seeing as Lobster Fest is the same weekend as the Air and Water Show, attendees will have easy viewing access to all the nautical and aviation action. Additionally, the event features ample beverages, carnival games and live music from more than 20 bands on two stages. There will also be plenty of non-lobster dishes to enjoy.

Tickets for Lobster Fest are $10 in advance or $15 at the door for general admission. Purchase general admission + lobster tickets by August 12 for $35. There are also VIP packages and something called The Lobster Hero Challenge, which affords several Lobster Fest tickets, 30 pounds of lobster, T-shirts, and other benefits to you and five of your closest shellfish-happy friends. A portion of proceeds for the event will be go towards Mr. Bones and Co, an animal welfare organization dedicated to supporting animal rescue efforts.

Photo Courtesy of the Great American Lobster Fest.