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When Trevor Rose-Hamblin moved to Chicago in 2008, he never thought he'd end up working for one of Chicago's top chefs. Nor did he ever think he would end up heading a new craft brewery in Chicago. And he certainly didn't think he would end up brewing beer with the Brew Dogs in Scotland. But that's exactly what he's doing right now.

Trevor left his native Michigan six years ago to attend culinary school at Kendall College. He began working at Marion Street Market before landing a six month internship at Homaro Cantu’s moto. He began running food and ended up doing anything and everything that was asked of him. After proving himself by fulfilling a number of roles, Trevor became the assistant manager at iNG and later ended up being the general manager at moto.

TRH 2014

Cantu and Trevor began talking about starting a brewery about four years ago after Cantu got a taste of some of Trevor’s homebrew that was specially made for a moto event. An Earl Grey Milk Stout had people talking and, more importantly, it was good enough to get Cantu thinking.

An idea was born and the rest, as they say, was history.

Crooked Fork Brewing Co. (named after the fun herb-holding utensil invented by Cantu) will open in 2015 and will embody the creative principles that put moto on the culinary map. Innovative technology to heighten food, beer, and overall experience? Count on it. Expect to see interesting ingredients too. And tea beers - yes, tea beers. Cocktails will also be an influence on the brews produced. 

When Scotland’s infamous Brew Dog duo of Martin Dickie and James Watt (below, left and middle) visited Chicago last March to brew a beer inspired by Chicago’s St. Patrick’s Day celebration, they contacted the folks at moto to help them create a green beer.  Assisting with the process, and the episode, was Trevor who made an instant connection with the production team.  As Trevor was thinking about his transition from Moto to Crooked Fork, he thought it would do him good to immerse himself in a unique environment and spend some time at a brewery that started out small yet had grown to large capacities.  An invitation from the Brew Dogs team set Trevor’s destination in place.

Trevor and Brew Dogs

Trevor left Chicago on Jan. 8 and settled into his new apartment in Scotland where he will be for the next two months. His approach to his work at Brew Dogs will be that of an internship. The goals are simple: embrace the creative beer making principles at Brew Dogs and learn how they are making a difference in the UK and in the world.  One major aspect of his journey will be to spend some time in their lab studying yeast and learning about their approach to barrel aging. Ultimately, Trevor will do anything and everything that is asked of him, just like he did in the early days at Moto. Yep, history repeats itself. Thank goodness.