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Now that the world hasn't ended, it's time to start saving your pennies for tickets to The Book of Mormon. While availability is scattered-to-scarce for the next six months of the Chicago run, given the rave critical response the show's received, not to mention the standing and cheering audiences, it's most likely here until the latterday. Well, at least until September 2013 -- the show has already broken box office records and has announced its first of many expected extensions.

I caught the press performance on December 19, and one thing I noticed was the audience demographic. Usually (and unfortunately) I find myself sitting amongst a sea of blue hairs. But here, not only was I surrounded by my age group, I spotted several "bros," who actually seemed excited to be dragged out on a theatre date. So, men who often avoid theatre like the plague, here are some reasons why you should consider shelling out for a theatre date night:

  1. It's created by the South Park dudes!
  2. You get a crash-course (via a production number, natch) in Mormon-dom, and it's... fascinating stuff, man.
  3. Where else can you see Darth Vader, Hitler and hobbits together onstage?
  4. There's plenty of singing and dancing to feel like a real musical, without feeling like you're watching something lame like Cats.
  5. It's not Cats.
  6. While the show runs over two hours long, I promise it doesn't feel that long.
  7. You'll laugh. A lot.
  8. It's actually a really good show - so, there's that.
  9. Combine it with dinner, and you are set for the next six months.
  10. You get bragging rights that you saw the hottest show in town. 

The Book of Mormon is playing at the Bank of America Theatre. More info here >