Rooted Center

Electronic dance music and yoga are, in many eyes, polar opposites when it comes to their intended results. EDM is loud, vacillating and high energy. Yoga is a calm, introspective exercise. It's easy to see how the two elements wouldn't belong together but "Techno Yoga" class at the Rooted Self Expression Center in Wicker Park is all one needs to reconsider. 

At $15 a class, Rooted provides the space, the mats, the music, the instruction and, yep, the glowsticks. Pop off your shoes, strap a couple neon bracelets around your wrists and get ready to sink into an electronic realm of self-care. 

I admit I was a first-time yoga student when I attended my techno yoga course. Typically I'm the type that needs an intense workout to stay focused but my body rarely rejects relaxation and a nice stretch. Believe it or not, techno yoga was the perfect middle ground for me and, judging by their focus and enjoyment, everyone else in the class as well. 

Here's what to expect: You'll enter one of Rooted hardwood studios and find a pre-positioned mat. Once everyone (class size is about 20) is situated, the lights go out and the music turns up. If tightly packed exercise classes under fluorescent lighting have turned you off in the past, you'll love this setting. 

The hour flew by thanks to our certified instructor's ability to cater to beginners like me and more advanced, adventurous yoga-doers in the class. A perfectly curated setlist of songs from EDM artists like Dillon Francis and Feed Me rose in intensity as time went by and our confidence grew. Techno and other types of electronic music can be known for their wild tempo changes and jarring rhythms but Rooted's carefully selected songs were melodic and helped get my body moving (yes, dancing was encouraged!). 

"Techno Yoga" is offered once a month at Rooted but the center continues to offer a variety of similarly creative workshops and programs that seek to improve physical, mental and spiritual health on a daily and weekly basis. For a full schedule, visit its websiteSign up for one of the Feb. 27 sessions of "Techno Yoga" while you're at it!

Image courtesy of the Rooted Center