If you're a 13-17 year old Harry Potter fan, you already know Team StarKid, so skip to the bottom for a video of their newest show. On the off chance you're not a 13-17 year old Harry Potter fan, you may be wondering how, in a city overloaded with ambitious comedy talent, this group of sketch and music performers is packing houses with a Beatles-fresh-off-the-plane-like fervor.

Team StarKid's rise, like all rises, came from the confluence of talent, a ton of hard work and a lot of luck. Their first hit, "A Very Potter Musical" blew up online among Harry Potter fans (Potterheads), and Team StarKid never looked back. Putting their nose to the grindstone, they spun off a sequel; created several other shows including, "Holy Musical, Batman"; and all the while kept their young audience engaged through social media and personal interaction. After charting on iTunes and Billboard and two concert tours, Team StarKid's only question was, "What to conquer next?"


But for StarKid, it's not just about growing an audience. It's about growing with an audience. So while building their successful franchises, the creative team also looked for opportunities to branch out beyond pop culture parody. And that's how they forged a relationship with The Second City here in Chicago.

This January, Team StarKid opened their first sketch comedy show, Airport for Birds (And Other Great Ideas) at Chicago's UP Comedy Club. The show embraces the sketch medium while holding true to StarKid's musical background and cultural currency.

Drawing on their current fan base and expanding into the greater Chicago comedy scene, StarKid sold out their eight show run, and are proudly announced two additional performances at the end of March.

Airport for Birds performs March 24 and 31. Tickets are available at

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