Taste of Chicago
Get a true taste of Chicago in Grant Park July 6 - 10. Enjoy a variety of food, lively music and the scenic lakefront at this free, five-day festival. Sample Chicago's diverse dining scene with 69 vendors made up of the city's top restaurants and chefs. Although the opportunities for fun at the 36th annual Taste of Chicago are countless, here's a few highlights of the festivities by the numbers:


1.2 million: # of Visitors

The Taste of Chicago is the world's largest food festival. See for yourself why more than a million people attended the Taste in 2015!

Taste of Chicago


69: # of Vendors

This year 69 restaurants will be serving the Chicago community. The best dining from all over the city will be represented. From food trucks to pop-up restaurants, vendors will be offering their signature dishes for various prices and sample-sized "Taste Of" portions for $2.50 or less. 


33: # of Five-day Restaurants

Restaurants from around Chicago are relocating to Grant Park for the weekend and cooking up some delicious treats. No matter your preferences, there is something for everyone. New additions like Chicago's Dog House and Caffe Gelato and returning restaurants Billy Goat Tavern, Lou Malnati's Pizzeria and Dia De Los Tamales are just a few of the 33 five-day restaurants you can choose from!

Taste of Chicago


20: # of Newcomers

For those guests returning to the Taste, try one of the 20 vendors that will be making their Taste of Chicago debut this weekends. 3 five-day restaurants, 6 food trucks and 11 pop up restaurants are brand new to the Taste of Chicago this year! Latin-flavored Rojo Gusano, Asian Arami and Demera Ethiopian are among the vendors taking on their first Taste. 


18: # of Food Trucks

Try 18 food trucks in one place. Beaver's Coffee and Donuts, Gino's Steak Truck and Giordano's Pizza — a Chicago classic! — are among the local favorites returning to the Taste. New additions include Da Lobster, Auntie Vee's, Firecake Donuts, Happy Lobster Truck, La Jefa and La Patrona. Sample them all this weekend without having to hunt them down all over the city!

Taste of Chicago


17: # of Pop-Up Restaurants

These restaurants will only pop-up for a day or two at the Taste of Chicago. BRGRBELLY, Riva and Yum Dum are 3 of the 17 vendors that will make a brief appearance at the food festival. Read the full list and schedule of pop-ups to see which day you can sample your fav. 

Taste of Chicago


12: # of Petrillo Music Shell Concerts

12 performers will take the stage in Grant Park as park of the Taste of Chicago concert series. Headliners include:

Buy tickets or see the shows for free from Butler Field. According to his tweet, Chance the Rapper will be doing a surprise performance Wednesday night! Up-and-coming artists can be seen at the Bud Light Stage.


0: # of Dollars Spent on Admission

The Taste of Chicago offers free admission to the festival, and 12 food/beverage tickets can be purchased for $8.50.

Taste of Chicago


The Essentials:

Taste of Chicago
Grant Park
Jackson & Columbus

  • Wednesday - Friday: 11 a.m. - 9 p.m.
  • Saturday & Sunday: 10 a.m. - 9 p.m.


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