iFLY Indoor Skydiving Chicago

If you've ever dreamed of flying, or if you've ever wanted to skydive without having to jump out of an airplane, here's your chance: iFLY, the world's largest Indoor Skydiving operation, has opened its newest location in the near northside Chicago neighborhood of Lincoln Park, marking the 17th iFLY facility in the U.S. This incredible indoor skydiving facility recreates the experience of skydiving minus the fear factor of having to rely on a parachute to break your fall.

Here's how it works:

Upon arrival, you'll complete a simple training class guided by one of iFLY's flight and safety instructors. Then you'll get decked out in your official flight gear: goggles, helmet and a a special flight suit. When it's time to fly, you'll enter the flight chamber — a 12-foot diameter wind tunnel powered by four quiet and clean running electric motors — with an instructor by your side to guide you as you step into flying bird position, supported by a cushion of air. iFLY's vertical windtunnel simulates true freefall conditions. The difference is that the experience is safe and comfortable enough for even kids as young as three and elderly people up to age 103 (though there are a few restrictions).

After your flight, instructor will lead you out of the flight chamber and you'll receive your personalized flight certificate. You can also opt to purchase pictures and videos of your flight.The entire iFLY experience lasts about 1.5 hours and each flight is the equivalent of 1.5 skydives. It's most certainly an unforgettable experience, and makes for a great adventure for both kids and adults alike.

While you're waiting for your spin in the flight chamber, you'll have a chance to see iFLY instructors as they show of their mad flying skills. The increase in availability of wind tunnels has led to the creation of an entirely new sport — bodyflight — which now stands as one of the fastest growing sports in the world. If you have an interest in pursuing bodyflight as a sport, iFLY's Lincoln Park instructors can customize a training program to fit your skills and interest level.

"My team and I are pumped to share the dream of flight at our new location," shares David Janossy, General Manager for iFLY Lincoln Park. "Every day is a new adventure for each and every person at the tunnel. Watching people fly for the first time is a life changing experience for them and just wonderful for each of us helping to make dreams come true."

iFLY Lincoln Park is located at 800 W. Scott Street off North Halsted Street. For more information, call (779) 368-4359 or visit iflyworld.com/lincoln-park