Southport Corridor

The whimsical charm of boutiques, storefronts, and outdoor restaurants is very much alive on the Lakeview corridor of Southport Avenue. Whether you're looking for a unique shopping experience or a round of drinks with friends, the Southport Corridor is that ‘hood. Often frequented by a 20-something crowd of shoppers, diners or strollers, Southport Avenue (located off the Southport Brown Line stop) is home to an eclectic collection of boutiques, shops, and bars.

One-of-a-Kind Boutiques

For a distinctive Southport experience, be sure to stop by some of Lakeview's exclusive boutiques. Cerato Boutique serves Chicago's fashion with dedicated and passionate employees. The boutique prides itself on being "a local gem just as tasty, just long overlooked." Another fashionable boutiquey gem is M2 Boutique, a corner store that specializes in "one-of-a-kind" accessory items. M2's dedication to its accessories has earned the boutique shout-outs in publications like People, Lucky, and Chicago Collection.

Tried and True Classics

Free People, Lakeview

For some majorly popular (and still trendy) stores along Southport, you can browse through Francesca's, Free People and Anthropologie. Each store's Southport location feels just a bit homier in the air, whether it's the clientele, the street, or the inviting window displays.

Shop 'til You Drop Drink

Wheel House, Lakeview

These locations add to the chic and stylish vibe of the area, but don't worry you'll never feel out of place or disconnected in worn jeans and sandals. Southport is filled with dive bars and Irish pubs, enough so that you'll never think twice about whimsically spending your paycheck on underground trendy clothes and going right across the street for a burger. Mystic Celt, for instance, has daily specials like half-price-bottle-of-wine-Mondays and six-dollar-burger-and-fries-Tuesdays that will make any shopper on the edge of stylish yet beer-loving feel right at home on Southport.

The atmosphere of Southport Avenue is unique. It's not just a weekend or evening destination, it's a place that whether you're in the mood for brunch, a night out, or an afternoon shopping. If you're high-fashion or red-meat-loving, hop off at the Southport Brown Line stop and find yourself a new favorite corner of the city.

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