Steppenwolf Theatre brings Pulitzer Prize winner David Lindsay-Abaire's new play Good People to Chicago, and the buzz is pretty strong. I'm seeing it next week when it opens to the press. But if you're interested in catching the show, buy your tickets now. Good People is purported to be powerful, gritty stuff -- exactly the kind of theatre Chicago excels at.


Good People premiered on Broadway last year and was nominated for a 2011 Tony Award following strong reviews. Star Frances McDormand won most of the major New York awards, including the Tony. And from what I've heard, Mariann Mayberry is giving quite a powerful performance as Margie in Steppenwolf's production. Aside from the performances, I'm intrigued by the play's notions of class and poverty in America, and the risks so many of us have to take to simply get by, let alone thrive.  

Here's how Steppenwolf describes the play: "When Margie Walsh loses her job at a South Boston dollar store, she reaches out to old flame Mike, a Southie boy who left the neighborhood and became a successful doctor. Margie's attempt to hit Mike up for a job takes on a threatening cast when she realizes the power a secret from Mike's past holds. From Pulitzer Prize-winner David Lindsay-Abaire, Good People looks at the dangerous consequences of choosing to hold on to the past or leaving it behind."

Check out the preview video below:  


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