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The holiday hype. Every year, it comes earlier and earlier. But if you're thinking of a family trip to Chicago this holiday season, NOW is the time to reserve your seats for two of our most cherished family performances. Oh, and it's never too early to cue the Mariah!

Every winter, our family catches the renowned A Christmas Carol at the Goodman Theatre. We know the story inside out, and yet this Christmas classic always manages to stir up the spirit of the season in our hearts. This year, my almost-three-year-old will be joining us for the first time!

I was actually inspired to write this post after spotting none other than Bob Cratchit (played by Chicago actor Ron Rains) from the 2011 production at our local swimming pool! Living in Logan Square, we often run into our favorite characters while grocery shopping or hanging out at our local pool. As a theatre lover, it's one of my neighborhood's greatest attributes. We bumped into Lady MacBeth a few weeks ago as well!

Our other must-see Christmas show is the Chicago Symphony Orchestra's Welcome Yule. We love the sing-alongs and the "surprise" Santa visit at the end. No one does holiday music better than the Chicago Symphony Orchestra and Chorus. The ever present "Christmas in Chicago" tune reminds us of how lucky we are to live in Chicago during the holidays. 

These are two shows that make paying a few extra dollars for up-close seats worth every penny. And to snag those top seats, you've got to act early. Yes, we are not the only city family that keeps this holiday tradition of watching these two top performances together as a family every year - lots of families do the same. If you want good seats - or any seat at all - order your tickets now!

To order tickets for the Goodman Theatre's annual production of A Christmas Carol, click here.

To order tickets for the Chicago Symphony Orchestra and Chorus' annual production of Welcome Yule!, click here.