Chicago Distilling Company
Chicago is a town that embraces the craft spirit movement with arms flung wide. Options abound for those who appreciate the love and effort that goes into creating these barrels of goodness. Worth checking out is Chicago Distilling Company, a family-owned distillery that specializes in creating spirits with organic grains from Illinois.
Located in the hip Logan Square nieghborhood, Chicago Distilling (2359 N. Milwaukee Avenue) is a chill, comfortable spot to enjoy a range of spirits created, bottled, and packaged on premise.  
Here's a little inside peek to get you ready for your evening of low key cocktailing:
Chicago Distilling Company exterior
Chicago Distilling Company bar  
Leave your fancy garb at home; this is a dress down, warm wood and exposed brick kind of place that is all about enjoying crafted spirits. 
Chicago Distilling Company cocktail
Chicago Distilling is not about the expansive, fancy drink menu; rather, they offer up their unique take on the classic, boozy cocktail. Visit here when you crave a well-done taste of the familiar.
If you want to geek out a bit, and find out more about what you are enjoying at the bar, don't miss the distilling tour.  The team's passion is quite apparent as they take you through the birth of their spirits, which makes it even more fun.  Plus, you will walk away with enough new terminology to impress at parties. 
Chicago Distilling Company cocktail class
Chicago Distilling Company sipping and learning
Did I mention you can taste as you tour? #Bonus
The Craft Cocktail Class (check the Chicago Distilling site for dates/availability) taught by Oddbird Labs is also a cool experience. The $75 per person ticket includes: a distillery tour, craft cocktail class, barrel aged cocktail kit, recipe card, complete personal bar kit, and very light snacks. 
Chicago Distilling Company cocktail class instructions
Chicago Distilling also offers their spirits for purchase so you can continue the party at home. Some of the standards include Shorty's White Whiskey, distilled from a bourbon mash made from local grains; Ceres Vodka, an ultra refined sipping spirit; and Finn's Gin, which features a tasty blend of juniper and aromatic botanicals.  
Chicago Distilling Company row of bottles
Chicago Distilling Company menu board
Chicago Distilling Company cocktail kit
Chicago Distilling's Barrel Aged Cocktail Kit, with a three-use white oak stave, allows those who love playing bartender at home to amp up their favorite concoction (or toss in some Shorty's Whiskey for a different flavor profile). 
They are open to the public at 5:00pm Thursday through Saturday... right in time to toast the weekend!  
Chicago Distilling Company toast clink 
Images credit J. Vasilatos