TJ and Dave

Ask improvisers anywhere about their favorite improv show. After they plug their own upcoming gigs, you're certain to get a recommendation for TJ & Dave. Every Wednesday at 11:00pm, TJ Jagodowski and Dave Pasquesi step onstage at iO Chicago without presumption or audience suggestion and create a 50 minute, one act play out of thin air. They open every show by reminding the audience, "Trust us. This is all made up."

That extraordinary trust in one another, in the audience and in improvisation caught the attention of the hosts of RadioLab, the nationally syndicated radio show and hit podcast. They brought TJ & Dave on to investigate what it takes to do what they do.

But for those in Chicago or visiting Chicago, you don't have to settle for hearing them talk about their show. TJ & Dave perform weekly and you can catch the magic live.

Both performed at Second City and around Chicago early in their careers. TJ Jagodowski boasts credits like, Oz the Great and Powerful (as the Mayor), roles in Ice Harvest, Stranger Than Fiction, a national campaign for Sonic and comedy sketches galore.

Dave Pasquesi's in Groundhog Day, Angels & Demons, Year One and pretty much every TV show that films in Chicago, like The Mob Doctor and Boss.

But something special happens when they come together. There are plenty of shows that feature faces from TV and movies, but TJ & Dave don't just love doing improv when they're not on camera. For them, improv is a way of life. And it's clear in every moment of their completely made up shows.

So if you're in the city on a Wednesday night, do yourself a favor, and go see improv at its finest. Tickets are available at iO Chicago.

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