Remix Chicago

With the success of 2013's Remix Chicago, Chicago's Recycled Art Fair will be making its second go around this Labor Day weekend! I guess you could say it's been recycled. Okay, all dumb jokes aside, this unique arts festival is a great time for all ages!

Logan Square, one of Chicago's most artistic and lively neighborhoods, will be hosting the event once again. All of the action will take place right on Milwaukee Avenue between California and Fullerton, and the weather should be perfect.  

Remix Chicago

All along Milwaukee local artists will be selling their handmade crafts that have been made completely out of recycled materials! The great part about Remix Chicago is that they put artists that you may not normally see front and center. Once you see the beautiful creations that can be made out of recycled materials, it inspires you to reduce, reuse, and recycle more. It also helps open your eyes and not take for granted something that could easily have ended in a landfill.

On top of all the great pieces of art, Remix Chicago also offers some one of a kind workshops for all ages. On Saturday, learn how to repurpose plastic bags to make yarn, which is then crocheted to make sleeping bags for the homeless in the workshop "New Life for Old Bags." Sit in on "Plastic! Paper! Scissors!" and make cool crafts with friends that children can take back and use in school! On Sunday, be sure not to miss "Pianos on Parade" where participants will help paint piano keys to create a musical masterpiece!

Finally be sure to check out the great lineup of local indie artist such as Dissapears, Panda Riot, Nude Beach, and The Boxers!

So come out this Labor Day Weekend to Remix Chicago to have some fun while helping the environment!

Photos Courtesy of Special Events Management