Anna Hovet is a Chicago-based designer known for her streetwear fused with high-end designer style. Choose Chicago got the chance to talk to Hovet about what she's working on, her favorite pieces, and what she loves about Chicago.
How did you get into fashion and design?
I've loved art since I was very young. When I was 10 years old I started watching music videos and obsessed over 1990s fashion. Eventually I moved to Chicago and attended the School of the Art Institute of Chicago to study fashion design. Since then I have been on a constant journey to refine and redefine my voice as a designer.

What is your aesthetic? How does that inform the clothing you design?
My aesthetic is bold lines and color-blocking. I love to play with seams and colors to manipulate the wearer's silhouette. I primarily work in sweatshirt fleece which has a surprisingly nice drape to it. My signature hoods are oversized with beautifully-draped cowls.

What are you working on currently? Any big upcoming projects?

This past fall, I launched HOVET, a menswear line that was created due a demand from men to make male versions of my existing women's sweatshirts. In the coming weeks, we'll have lower-priced options such as T-shirts and tank tops for summer, which I'm really excited to release.

Why do you like working in Chicago as a designer?

Chicago is a great place for innovators. I value the tight-knit fashion community and the city's support for entrepreneurs. As a major city, Chicago is full of inspiration yet small enough to easily navigate and problem solve.

What's your favorite piece in your current collection?

This year we introduced bamboo fleece sweatpants and I wear them every day. They are incredibly soft and the style is easy to dress up.

What's the future for you and your line?

Overall I plan to continue growing the line to more stores nationally and increasing online presence.

Where are your favorite places to shop in Chicago?

I love shopping at the boutiques that carry my line because they stock many other wonderful local designers. To see the full list of our retailers click here.