The Hideout
The Hideout, like Paul Konerko or Puppet Bike, is one of Chicago's best kept secrets. The bar opened (legally) in 1934, but it's been around since the late 1800s--when it was run by bootleggers and gin runners. Today, it's known for its “roots” style live acts, an ordinary bar with the unique sounds of soul, alternative-country and a taste of Americana.


Before I'd ever been, friends would speak of The Hideout with an almost yearning tone. I remember the dramatic pause and stoic stare into space, "Ah... The Hideout," they'd say. A mere mention of this bar would trigger an almost Pavlovian response amongst my friends with a proclivity towards rocking out. Like a psychological beer buzz or E.T. staring at a bowl full of Reece's Pieces, this place gets ahold of you. I had never been and, at that point, didn’t understand the hype.

Now, I know better.

It is not a huge place and it's certainly not easy to find. On occassion, it's confused my Google Maps (but I suppose you don't get named The Hideout for nothing). You'll know you've arrived when you're holding a cold one, hear an acoustic guitar and (like Pavlov's dog with less drooling) instinctually wear a smile across your face. 



Panoramic and True, Thomas Comerford & The Reels, Tatsu Aoki's Miyumi Project 
Hard to know where to begin with this bill, so much to discuss. Here’s the skinny: Panoramic and True create soothing soundscapes that provide a much needed escape from our day-to-day reality. Thomas Comerford is one of Chicago’s best (albeit unsung) song writers, his 2011 “Archive + Spiral“ release has a permanent place in my headphone's “heavy rotation file” and he is the prefect example of the music The Hideout was MEANT to deliver. I am excited to hear what he is cooking up at local studio, Pieholden Suite Sound.  I've not seen Tatsu Aoki’s Miyumi Project, but the online videos look stunning.


Summer Girlfriends, Like Pioneers

This is a powerhouse of a double bill featuring many local celebs in both bands. The incredibly talented Summer Girlfriends put on a fantastic show. I am consistently mesmerized by their tune “Bad Dreams” whenever if pops up on my shuffle. They've perfected 70’s Garage Rock x 80’s Moxie and they can keep the party moving. Seriously, they are a delight to see perform.

Like Pioneers is made up of many members of other notable Chicago bands. I would equate them to Voltron (you know, the 5 robots joining up to become one larger robot) capable of destroying an audience like a sparring session between Godzilla and a china cabinet. Don’t bother wearing socks because Like Pioneers is guaranteed to rock them right off.

Shout Outs

Many thanks to the amazing staff of The Hideout and a massive tip of the hat to Tim Tuten the part-owner / face of the operation.  It should also be known that The Hideout is famous among local musicians for paying the performers more than any other venue in town.

See ya there!