Demetri Martin 

I cringe on the couch as my sister's voice rises, "Dad! Hockey is stupid."

My dad brushes her off. He's holding the remote. "You might have been conceived after a hockey game."


"What did you want to watch?"

"Demetri Martin," she flopped back onto the couch, defeated.

My dad turns to look at her, a surprised smile on his face, "I like Demetri Martin."

She stares at him.

Demetri Martin is one of one thing my sister and father have ever agreed on watching. But that's just one of his impressive accomplishments. He's sold out the biggest theatres in the country, released some of the most popular stand-up specials, written a New York Times Best Seller and now he's doing an intimate show in Chicago that's selling out faster than almost any show I've followed.

On March 19, Demetri Martin releases his second book, "Point Your Face at This," a collection of drawings, one-liners, poetry and short prose. And with the book launch, Demetri hits the road stopping for one night, April 1, at UP Comedy Club. The show features selections from the book and an intimate look at his comedy.

Copies of the new book will be available at the show and Demetri will be signing books and anything else after the show. Since he's normally playing venues eight times the size of UP, this is the closest you're likely to get to the guy.

Here's a clip from Demetri's last stand-up special so you can get a feel for his style. If you're interested in the show, reserve your tickets now, because they won't be around much longer.