Allison Semmes

With a growing hub of entrepreneurs, creatives, and plenty of influencers in Chicago here a few that really make Chicago a destination city. Whenever you're in Chicago you have to check them out.

Allison Semmes: Singer | Actress (pictured at top, center)

Have you ever heard a voice that swept you off of your feet? You know, that tingling feeling you get when the eargasm is at climax and you let the music take over your soul type feeling? The talented classically trained vocalist Allison Semmes has traveled to many places, made it way to Broadway, and is one of the faces of Motown The Musical starring as Diana Ross.


Bucketfeet: Fashion


It's great when a business is successful in Chicago, and pairing that with a social impact makes it meaningful. Bucketfeet pairs artists all over the world with blank canvases to put on shoes. "BucketFeet is on a mission to connect people through art by tapping into the creativity and diversity of the world."

Raaja Nemani, CEO (left), shares some awesome tips on creating a brand 


Jimmy Odom: Delivery Services

Jimmy Odom

If you haven't heard Jimmy Odom speak, you are missing out. He is the CEO of WeDeliver, a same-day deliver service that connects consumers with brick and mortar stores. It's apparent that Jimmy and his team are motivated to impact the community in a positive way by giving local merchants a chance to compete with the Amazons of the World. 


Nicole Yeary: Technology

Nicole Yeary

Ms. Tech is an organization founded in Chicago by Nicole Yeary (pictured) and Lisa Russell, that is helping women start and scale their businesses through training, resources, mentors and valuable connections. The group boasts some of the most talented women in tech, digital media and technology related fields. It is an open forum discussion fostering experience sharing and deep resources for expertise on a variety of disciplines.

Nicole shares some awesome tips on transitioning into entrepreneurship.


Afrobella: Beauty Influencer


With more than 10 million pageviews, being featured in Fast Company, and covering events at New York Fashion week, Patrice Grell Yursik is the "Godmother of Brown Beauty Blogging." She is the creator of the award winning Afrobella® which highlights natural hair, and beauty of women from various shade tones, and all sizes.


Luke Tanen: Event Production

Luke Tanen

Every year, multiple businesses gather for the Chicago Innovation Awards, which celebrates the most innovative services, and products in the Chicago region. Not only does this help showcase what Chicago has to offer, it has great entertainment.