Country Music Bars in Chicago

I love Chicago, that sweet metropolitan Mecca, where every street is doused in equal parts humility and fabulosity (it's a word). We're a great city, a city with something for everyone, a world-class city with a sweet, friendly Midwestern sensibility. Case and point, we love our country music. New York and L.A. scoff at such things, but not us-we're not embarrassed by the absurd amount of Taylor Swift in our iTunes. So embrace your honky-tonk side at these five fantastic down-home establishments!

Houndstooth Saloon (3369 N. Clark St.)

First off, it's not a bar; it's a saloon. That's how you know these country folks mean business. Second, they have three designated country nights every week. Bragging about their "Southern hospitality on the North Side of Chicago," this Lakeview spot is a must-see for every girl who owns more than two denim skirts.

Carol's Pub (4659 N. Clark St.)

This bar is so country, they don't even have a website! Carol's doesn't need broadband to drawn in faithful crowds. The beloved Uptown spot is toted as Chicago's honky-tonk home, and with its rustic atmosphere, live bands and karaoke, Carol's is a place worth busting out the ten-gallon hat for and two-steppin' the night away.

Bub City (435 N. Clark St.)

Barbeque and whiskey are two things that make this country girl's heart flutter more than a one-on-one recording session with Blake Shelton (so hot, right?!). Anyway, Bub City has it all (except Blake Shelton, but I'm sure they're open to recommendations). Delicious barbeque, whiskey that'll make your big city friends do a sour lemon face, and live band karaoke every Tuesday night. Heaven is a place on Earth.

Joe's on Weed Street (940 W. Weed St.)

This country spot knows what really matters: music, beer, and sports. They play all the big games, have country concerts at least every week, and offer exciting parties. It's the perfect place for a young country crowd to party and dance the night away.

The Horseshoe (4115 N. Lincoln Ave.)

My brother once told me he was moving south just for the barbeque. Good thing he stayed in Chicago because we have a bunch of fabulous barbeque joints here. This is definitely one of them! Come, settle in, and enjoy yourself some delicious grub in a Jason Aldean-friendly atmosphere.  

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