Remington's just opened earlier this month, but it's already causing quite an uproar. On a stretch of Michigan Avenue that used to be blanketed with popular chain bakeries, Remington's represents the beginning of a shift to luxury hotels and upscale dining. It also addresses the problem of where to hold a business meeting in the Loop. Previously, the most accessible and private dining space for large groups was in River North. Remington's offers several different options, including a breathtaking wine room that comfortably seats at least 12.

But let's talk about the most important thing about Remington's ... the food.

And drink!


I'll admit. I'm not one to usually drink at lunch (minus a brief stint in Spain where it was practically required), but it seemed criminal to ignore the vast wine, beer and cocktail options Remington's has to offer. My dining companion and I both gave the cocktail menu a try, sampling "That's a Peach" and "Pink Lady."

That's a Peach was my favorite of the two, offering a light by flavorful refreshment. If I didn't have to return to work, I would've sampled several more.


We got three appetizers. The Spaetzle Mac N' Cheese (above), Mini Filet Sandwiches, and Chicken Tortilla Soup. The Spaetzle Mac N' Cheese was life-changing. I'm definitely a fan of any and all mac, but this was the gourmet foodie's dream. The Mini Filet Sandwiches were an upscale take on sliders you could find in nearby Loop and River North establishments, but were much more savory and juicy. The Chicken Tortilla Soup is perfect for someone who likes a little bit of a kick, but wouldn't enjoy Habanero-strength spice.

We ordered two version of the "Dip" sandwiches (below) for our entrees (as if there was any room left after all the amazing appetizers) - the Chicken and French Dip. The fries were perfectly salted and seasoned. The broccolini had a lovely olive oil glaze. The sandwiches were expectedly messy, but stayed together well.


For a tourist taking the mandatory Bean picture at Millennium Park (I've done this on more than one occasion), Remington's makes perfect sense as a stop for a lunch break, a drink or dinner. The windows open up so you can enjoy a beautiful view of the Bean from across the street. Stay tuned for a picnic basket special filled with wine and cheese to enjoy in the park. Something tells me that would pair perfectly with all the upcoming summer concerts and movies ...

At any rate, the servers were chummy, the atmosphere was relaxing, and the food was the best-tasting gourmet comfort food I've ever had. I'll be back for Spaetzle Mac N' Cheese and cocktails soon!

Photos courtesy of Remington's and Maddy Osman