Pilsen - Mural - Blog

Just about every day, I walk through Pilsen. A lot has changed in the last five years. The nieghborhood's not touted as particularly trendy, but there are a ton of new stores and restaurants. This urban (but chic) spot is clean, cool and certainly a place you should visit. In this neighborhood you'll find the National Musuem of Mexican Art, galleries, earthy pubs, ethnic cafes and vintage shops. Let's go!

The Art District

The intersection at 18th Street and Halsted is known to some as "The Artist District." On the second Friday of every month "Gallery Night" hosts a walk through in one of the 30 open galleries on Halsted. Some galleries provide free wine and food. For more information, click here

Tacos Pa Lacio/Palas (1700 S. Halsted)

With classroom style tables and high chairs, this place is like a chef's kitchen meets study hall. It's clean and the food is made to order. I get the chicken tacos, which are packed with juicy chicken breast and chopped, spicy veggies.

Kristoffer's Cafe & Bakery (1733 S. Halsted)

Star Chef and James Beard Award winner, Rick Bayless, calls this place one of his favorite places in Chicago. I couldn't agree more. This is where a coffee shop meets a hip, artsy cafe and the food is delicious. Their popular Tres Leche Cake is a must. It's so moist, you do not even need a drink to wash it down. The restaurant's owner (Carlos) and is wife (Christina) are always working. Ask them about the neighborhood or the Art District and they will not lead you wrong. Their local information and perspective is priceless.

Del Toro Chicago (2133 S. Halsted)

Another family-owned restaurant. Fish tacos,Tilapia with sweet de gallo (salsa) are always on special and made to order. For a dessert drink try a glass of there Mexican Eggnog, which is infused with taqueila.

Amelias Mestrizo Grill - BYOB (4559 S. Halsted)

A Professor recently told that I should try this popular and unique restaurant. I did and now I'm on my way to becoming a regular. The presentation and creativity of Chef Euesbio is five-star! This is a "Top Chef" experience in the heart of Pilsen.