Humboldt Park Flags

Humboldt Park is a vibrant neighborhood located on the near west side of Chicago. Butting up to Wicker Park and Ukrainian Village, Humboldt Park offers some compelling reasons to "Go West, young man."

The huge, metal Puerto Rican flags that demark the heart of this vibrant neighborhood proudly display its Puerto Rican and Latino tradition. This stretch on Division Street known as the Paseo Boricua is full of authentic Latin food, music, art and architecture and is a must-see for any Chicago visitor. The park, with which the neighborhood shares a namesake, is expansive and equipped with everything an avid park-goer needs for a day of fun. Running and walking trails, ponds, grassy areas, and gardens provide amazing scenery, while soccer fields, baseball diamonds, and fitness center appeal to the athletic minded visitor.

Mural in Humboldt Park

One quarter of the population in Humboldt Park is from Puerto Rican descent, making this neighborhood the epicenter of that culture in Chicago. The Institute of Puerto Rican Arts and Culture resides within Humboldt Park itself and offers a multitude of ways to explore Puerto Rican culture, including art exhibitions, art workshops, and lecture series.  After leaving the Institute, be sure to look for the collection of murals throughout the neighborhood depicting its creative vision, rich culture and active community. These murals reside mostly along the Paseo Boricua.

Humboldt Park Mural

Continue the Humboldt Park experience with choice cuisine. Local favorites like La Palma, La Plena, Borinquen, and Papa's Cache Sabroso serve up traditional Puerto Rican food bursting with flavor, character, and pride. Each of these establishments offers world class food with family owned charm, making Humboldt Park a perfect place to indulge your culinary fantasies.  After that, take another loop around the park to digest and enjoy a neighborhood that is as lively as it is beautiful.

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