Feasting Through Logan Square

One of the best things about visiting Chicago is hopping on the 'L' and exploring the city's many neighborhoods. Take the Blue Line to Logan Square and you can spend a whole day eating and drinking without venturing far from the area. Whether you're looking for breakfast, a nightcap, or every meal in between, you'll eat well in Logan Square.

Breakfast: Reno

Reno in Logan Square

Start your Logan Square eating adventure with bagels at Reno, one of the newest restaurants to open on the Square. Bagels are Montreal-style, which means they're wood-fired, smaller and sweeter than New York-style bagels. Choose traditional flavors like sesame or poppy seed, or opt for olive and herb or pumpkin seed. Cream cheeses include artichoke and white cheddar, or go sweet with raspberry or pickled apricot jam. Reno serves sandwiches and pizza for lunch and dinner.

Brunch: Jam

Jam in Logan Square

For a more decadent morning meal, head to Jam, which serves both breakfast and lunch. The rotating daily waffle is always worth a try (on my last visit, it was a savory waffle topped with white fish, a quail egg, and crimini mushroom sauce), and there are sweet items like maple pancakes.

Lunch: Lula Cafe

A neighborhood classic, you can visit Lula for any meal (they also offer affordable Monday night farm dinners). The menu is thoughtful and sustainably minded, and features dishes like beet bruschetta, chickpea tagine, and a hen of the woods mushroom quesadilla.

Dinner: Longman & EagleYusho, or Fat Rice

Longman and Eagle in Logan Square

You'll have several great options for dinner, so ask yourself what type of cuisine you want. Nose-to-tail American dishes? Go to Longman & Eagle, where you should start with an order of pate, along with the meatballs. Then move onto the wild boar sloppy joe. Yakitori (grilled meats and veggies) and cocktails? Visit Yusho, where you can order twice-fried chicken wings and grilled oysters. Inventive Portuguese/Chinese dishes? Head to Fat Rice for curries, pickles, and noodle dishes.

Drinks: ScofflawBilly Sunday, or Revolution Brewing

Billy Sunday is the new kid on the block and has exceptional drinks that incorporate unusual ingredients, like ambergris, a substance formed inside whales, and wormwood bitters. You can also order a classic cocktail, like a daiquiri, Negroni, or old fashioned. If you're more of a beer drinker, try Revolution Brewing. You can find Revolution's beers, like Bottom Up Wit, at bars around Chicago, but you'll find many more available at the lively brewpub. Scofflaw is a gin joint, so if that's your spirit of choice, pop in for a nightcap. They don't just make terrific cocktails - Scofflaw hands out free chocolate chip cookies at midnight, so you can end your culinary tour of Logan Square on a sweet note.

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