Distinctive to Andersonville is a lack of national chains. In fact, the neighborhood's commercial district is made up almost entirely of independent, locally-owned businesses. Between its specialty bakeries, dynamic bar scene and incredible array of stylish boutiques, Andersonville is a thriving example of colorful urban living. The neighborhood is also home to some of Chicago's best antique shopping. So if you're looking for a vintage accent to replace the Matt Forte Fathead in your apartment, Make a visit to this North Side neighborhood.

Ya Ya's Antiques (5517 N. Clark St.)

Ya Ya's

Delightfully cluttered and kitschy, Ya Ya's Antiques understands its customers' taste and budget. Everything is moderately priced and of comparable quality to more high end dealers. The highlight of the store for me is their vintage costume jewelry. The place can seem a bit overwhelming -- chairs stacked on top of dressers, shelves full of China, odds and ends laid out over sofas -- but there's joy in the search because you might end up with an incredible piece for a low price.

Baan Home (5053 N. Clark St.)


Bring international style to your home with unique Asian products from Baan Home. A mix of modern aesthetic and classic Asian styles, this store is full of imported goods for many different needs.

Because the antiques and new products are created by talented artisans, each piece is genuinely unique, with small imperfections and inconsistencies that lend to the beauty and charm of the furniture without affecting quality.

Woolly Mammoth (1513 W. Foster Ave.)

Wooly Mammoth

Don't expect to find anything remotely ordinary in this shop. Half novelty shop, half creepy museum, this place is worth a visit regardless of your plans to purchase anything or not.

The owner is personable and when you walk in gives you plenty of room to explore his shelves and marvel at the extreme weirdness. Sure there are cute kitchenwares and retro kid's games, but what really makes Woolly Mammoth worthy of a visit are the taxidermy, old hearing aids, jars full of specimens, and of course the classic and ever delightful bins full of teeth and retainers.

Yeah, you read that right.

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