Yoga in Lincoln Park

Namaste, friends! I want you all to concentrate on your breathe while reading this post because you'll instantly feel calmer and we're getting ready for a trip around Chicago's favorite yoga studios. Yoga has revolutionized the way people feel about their minds and bodies, and Chicago is no different. While you're here, you can still maintain your wellness lifestyle at some of Chicago's outstanding studios!

1)   Moksha Yoga (Multiple Locations)

This Chicago-grown studio and teacher training facility is a Yogi's paradise. Offering all kind of Yoga classes, from restorative to the more aerobic Vinyasa, Moshka has highly trained, easy to follow instructors and classes that will cater to all levels of Yogi.

2)   Power Yoga Chicago (2735 N. Lincoln Ave)

Sometimes starting a new exercise regiment can be intimidating, especially one that seems as involved as Yoga. Power Yoga understands that and offers classes for every level of Yogi, as well as helpful information tailored especially for beginners. Designed to bring more people into Yoga, Power Yoga is a friendly place to begin your Yoga journey.

3) TruHarmony (1123 W. Armitage Ave.)

Hot Yoga is all the rage in fitness circles, and TruHarmony in Chicago has been at the forefront of it all. With all classes heated to 95 degrees, you're sure to feel the burn after a session here. TruHarmony's mission is "hot and powerful" yoga, and it's a guarantee that you'll feel both when you take a class.

4) Chicago Park Districts (Multiple Locations)


Chicago's vast and beautiful public park system has embraced Yoga whole-heartedly. Offering many outstanding classes free of charge, the Park District makes sure to have something for everyone, from novice to expert. You can even do Yoga against the backdrop of Millennium Park!

5) Yoga Loft (15 W. Hubbard St)

Located in scenic River North, Yoga Loft created its signature style of "Power Flow Vinyasa" right here in Chicago. Combining Yoga with wellness and nutrition coaching, personal training, and cardiovascular conditioning this is truly a home for the whole body and mind.