Hot Dog

July is National Hot Dog Month, and there's simply no better way to celebrate than with a giant Chicago-style hot dog with all the toppings. Earlier this month, Chicago Like a Local feasted its way through Chicago's top dogs, and this time we're back to give you a list for the kiddies. Here are our family's five favorite spots for finding that perfect dog. 

Clark Street Dogs (3040 North Clark Street)

Since 1977 this hot dog joint has been serving true Chicago-style dogs along with other greasy spoon favorites including gyros, Italian beef, cheese your mouth watering yet? In addition to the traditional Chicago dog, the menu also includes double dogs, chili dogs, chili cheese dogs and corndogs. Moms and Dads will appreciate the fact you'll find Goose Island for $3.50 everyday of the week.  

Vienna Beef Factory Store (2501 N. Damen Ave.)

When we need a large amount of hot dogs for a backyard BBQ, we head over to the Vienna Beef factory, purveyors of all things hot dog. Of course no hot dog supply store is complete without an actual in-house hot dog joint, a.k.a. the employee cafeteria, so don't leave the factory without trying one of their factory fresh hot dogs with all the Chicago-style trimmings. Call ahead as the closing
time is sometimes as early as 3 p.m. 

Hot Doug's (3324 N. California Ave.)

Hot Doug's

Hot Doug's bills itself as an "Encased Meats Emporium and Sausage Superstore," which translates to a gourmet style hotdog joint. The Chicago-style dogs is on the menu, of course, but so is the Anna Kendrick (a super spicy dog) and the Bridgette Bardot (Andouille sausage). Insider tip: on Fridays and Saturday, the french fries are fried in duck fat. 

Red Hot Ranch (2072 N. Western Ave.)

While the hot dogs are indeed tasty at this red-roofed, hot-doggery, we come here for the fries: each hot dog is nestled in with the most delectable hand-cut fries, and wrapped in paper. Park yourselves on the bright red picnic tables outdoors, unroll your hot dogs, and indulge as you watch the world go by. 

Superdawg (6363 N. Milwaukee)


Superdawg is our family's hot dog provider of choice. We celebrate birthdays, good report cards, and fine summer nights at this charming drive-in. Though it's well off the beaten tourist path it's a classic must-do (and eat!). You'll know you've arrived when you spot the unique hot dog mascots, Maurie and Flaurie, on the rooftop. You're kids will get a kick out of the ordering system and the fact that you'll be served in-car by old-school car hops. Don't forget to order a vanilla Supershake to accompany your Chicago Superdawg. 

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