Midnight Circus

One of my favorite acts in Chicago is coming to a park near you this September and October! Midnight Circus is a group of immensely talented performers that travel from park to park in this great city to put on a first class show all while bringing communities together.

The idea for Chicago's Midnight Circus started when the group of performers traveled overseas to carry out their various acts. When they were in the the likes of Italy and France, they noticed circus tents popping up in local parks and highly talented performances taking place in these communities. This completely shattered their preconceived notion that you have to travel to large arenas, sit in traffic, and empty your wallet to see an entertaining and professional show. All you needed was a park and a supporting community. With that in mind, they decided to take it back to their community and city, and Midnight Circus was born in Chicago.

When they arrived back in Chicago, they realized that many of the Chicago Parks weren't in the best condition. With their strong belief in the power of the arts to not only entertain but to promote positive social change, they were given a chance to make a real impact in the city of Chicago. And boy did they take advantage of that chance.

They partnered with the Welles Park Advisory Council and brought the Midnight Circus to the city. They brought together a talented group of performers from around the world who now call Chicago home, and put together a world class show. More recently they expanded to include Chase Park, and the results were even better. They now travel all around Chicago and last year filled the little Big Top with 20,000 people!

In short, they succeeded in bringing communities together through the Midnight Circus. They brought residents of different communities together by encouraging them to visit their local parks. To date, the Midnight Circus has raised over $700,000 for local park improvements!

Some more great news - there are plenty of shows this September and October for you and your family to enjoy!

Find the park closest to you and be sure to visit one!

Holstein Park: September 12th-14th

Hamlin Park: September 20th-21st

Smith Park: September 27th-28th

Independence Park: October 4th-5th

Margate Park: October 11th-12th

Welles Park : October 17th-19th