Marc Summers

Beginning this Sunday, April 6th, ComedySportz is kicking off Improvised Double Dare, a month of shows inspired by the 1980's Nickelodeon television show. However, to amp up the excitement, they will have the original host of Double Dare, Marc Summers, hosting the show this Sunday. See what ensemble member, Maureen Winston, has to say about this weekend's festivities.

Where did the idea of "Improvised Double Dare" originate?
As a team, we all brainstormed ideas of shows that we thought we be both fun for us and for our audience. Someone said "What about Double Dare" and the whole team got excited and we knew that was THE idea.

In what ways will the ComedySportz version of the show compare to the original?
The three hallmarks of the original show were physical challenges, trivia and the obstacle course. We have all of that, plus improv games and ways to get our audience involved!

Will Marc Summers be involved in any other ways outside of hosting the show?
Hosting the show is a pretty big job, but Marc recognizes that people are here to see him and has agreed to do a Meet and Greet after the show, so the audience has a chance to say "hi."

The original show can get pretty messy. How messy is messy and how wild are you guys planning on getting?
Usually there's a show right after us, so we contain the mess. Since it's just us this Sunday, we plan on upping our game a bit! We want to save some surprises for the show, but let's just say green slime will be making an appearance!

How much audience participation are you anticipating?
For this show, we'll be incorporating audience members into some of our improv games, which last a bit longer than the physical challenges.

What are the three things you think will be the most fun on Sunday?
Just seeing Marc Summers do his thing in person! And all the pun names we have planned for the obstacles.