Every March, Chicago becomes an avocado colored Mardi Gras, with an earlier start time and fewer crawfish. No city embraces St. Patrick 's Day with the same unadulterated fervor as our city and it's about time that was recognized. Officially. Enter ShamROCK Chicago and their steadfast mission to name Chicago "the United States headquarters for St. Patrick's Day."

ShamROCK Chicago's council, made up of prominent local business people, has launched a campaign to make Chicago the national leader in St. Patrick's Day festivities. And you can help. 

First, sign ShamROCK Chicago's online petition. Their volume of digital signatures will be shared with representatives from Ireland in the hopes of formally distinguishing this city's unabashed enthusiasm for the holiday. For Chicago to become the country's "headquarters for St. Patrick's Day," it'll take a lot of signatures.

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Second, share with your friends. You saw what the Internet did to that Psy character. Share the petition with your Twitter followers, Facebook friends and uh... whatever you call the people that are staring at your Instagram.

Third, don't leave this up to luck (as poetically appropriate as it may seem). Four leaf clovers are 1 in 10,000 and Leprechauns are mad quick. The only way to secure Chicago's place in St. Patrick's Day lore, is to SHAM-rock the vote.

Vote early. Vote Often. Let's make this official. Click here for more information.