Local H - BlogChicago music stars exist at all levels of the industry. Kanye West wins Grammy's. The Smashing Pumpkins have been a rock staple for decades. Jennifer Hudson was a contestant on the uber-popular cultural phenomenon American Idol and, later, an Academy Award. Even though we're constantly pumping out A-list stars, we haven't forgotten about the local legends. And, thankfully, they haven't forgotten about us either.

One of our city's oldest and most epic local acts is about to release its seventh studio album. Local H are essentially synonymous with this city. The alternative rock duo began in the early ‘90s and their upcoming release, Hallejuiah, I'm a Bum, is as much a testament to their hometown as it is an awesome late-summer listen.

It's not uncommon for musicians to hit it big and lose sight of their roots but Local H has done the opposite, using their love of Chicago as charming byproduct of their music. Each album pays tribute to the duo's hometown and that includes this one. The album's fifth track "Blue Line" kicks off with the unmistakable sounds of an L train. In fact, after Local H released their previous album, 2008's 12 Angry Months, the Chicago Tribune named them "Chicagoans of the Year."

The duo continues to praise Chicago in interviews and frontman Scott Lucas has even gone so far as to say, even though he's had the chance to move on to different cities, he'll never leave his hometown.

As for their new album, Local H have truly mastered the art of composition. While many rock artists attempt to kick off a record with a bang, Hallelujah starts off with a slow roll and builds up so much hard-rocking momentum, you'll likely find yourself hitting the play button again as soon as you've made it through this seventeen-track, double disc effort.

You can be there when the record drops and Local H premieres these new cuts live at their CD release party. It goes down on September 18 at the Bottom Lounge in West Loop. Tickets are just $15. The show starts at 8 p.m. You only have to be 17 to get into the venue so bring your younger buddies and rock out with some of Chicago's finest.