Archie Powell

Archie Powell and the Exports have been creating a buzz around Chicago for several years now but it's their newest album, Back In Black (out this week), that's about to get everyone really talking. This Chicago artist will be celebrating the release this Friday at Subterranean. Check it out. 

It's a bold move, choosing an album title that's already closely associated with an iconic record, but Powell's new release is loud, fast and honest. The Exports still bring enough pop influence to Back In Black to appease the more casual rock ‘n roll listener but Archie certainly isn't afraid to let anyone know that he's mad. The singer chooses to take out his frustrations with life (ones of heartache and social anxiety) on record through a mix of sarcasm and raw energy.  

Let's be clear though: Back In Black is a fun listen. We predict it will inspire a healthy amount of head banging and perhaps even a few garage jam sessions.  

Archie Powell and the exports

Born to a father who spent years as a violinist in the Chicago and Milwaukee symphony orchestras, Powell is a born performer and will do whatever it takes to keep his crowds entertained. This writer once saw him perform through a rainstorm at a local street festival while wearing a knee-length dress. With the band's highest energy album yet out now, we can't wait to see what stops they pull out for their upcoming live shows.

Celebrate the release of Archie Powell and the Exports' Back In Black on Friday, May 2, at Subterranean. Tickets are just $10 in advance. Purchase the new album on the band's website.