Robbie Fulks

It's officially fireplace and Bailey's with coffee season. What's more sad than a perfect winter scene without a soundtrack though? Enter Chicago songwriter Robbie Fulks. Fulks beautifully dances the line between alt-country, bluegrass and Americana folk and his newest album Gone Away Backward, released earlier this year, boasts some of his best songs to date.

If you're familiar with local record label Bloodshot Records, you're likely a fan of Fulks. If not, then a peak into the label's roster--where Fulks sits comfortably amidst tons of other talent--should shed some light onto a genre that's all too often glanced over. This isn't mainstream, radio hit country music. 

Fulks and much of his Bloodshot family have a graceful knack for making music that embodies the Midwestern spirit. Sometimes it's fun. Sometimes it's heartbreaking. Sometimes it's all about hard work but it's all the type of music that will feel you warm on the inside. 

If you won't take our word for it, Fulks has gained a few big name endorsers over the year, most notably witty actress/comedian Tina Fey who has called Fulks a genius. His voice even made a quirky cameo on Fey's hit show "30 Rock." 

Despite the fact that Fulks isn't a native Chicagoan, he's spent most of his twenty-plus-year career here in the Windy City so we let it slide. After months of touring following Gone Away Backward's release, which received his usual critical acclaim, he's brought it back home for the holiday season. 

Catch Fulks every Monday night through December 9 at cozy, off the beaten path venue The Hideout. Each show starts at 7 p.m. with a $10 suggested donation at the door.

Photo Courtesy of Dino Stamatopoulos