Chopping Block Cooking Class

It's that time again. The countdown is over, the fireworks are finished and the confetti has all been cleaned up. Now, it's time to start thinking about your plans for the new year. If expanding your culinary skills is on the top of your resolutions list, start 2014 off right with one of these cooking classes.

Healthy Resolutions at the Chopping Block

Chopping Block Cooking Class

If the holidays were a bit too indulgent, reduce your guilt with the Chopping Block's Healthy Resolutions class. Students learn how to select and prepare fish, clams and chicken, as well as how to steam couscous, grill vegetables and even make tomato sauce from scratch. A chef will demonstrate how to prepare three healthful meals-sautéed bass with leeks, mushrooms and clams; black bean enchiladas with ancho chili sauce; and curry-spiced chicken and vegetable kebabs with herb yogurt dipping sauce and saffron-infused couscous salad. (January 6th and 18th, $40)

French Macarons at Give Me Some Sugar 

Don't forget about dessert! Step up your skills by learning how to make these delicate French sandwich cookies. The class will cover how to make, pipe and bake macaroon shells as well as how to whip up three different fillings. At the end of the 2-hour class, students can take home a box of their creations. (January 12th, $85)

Gift from Havana at the Wooden Spoon

Wooden Spoon Cooking Class

While the weather outside may be frightful, that doesn't mean you can't send your tastebuds on a warm weather vacation. Get a taste of Cuba with Wooden Spoon's hands-on Gift from Havana class. Learn to make five dishes, including cumin-glazed chicken with guava sauce, corn cakes with roasted pepper cream and coconut rum cake with sautéed bananas. Classes are BYOB. (January 22nd, $70)

Bread Basics at Baker and Nosh

Helmed by master baker Bill Millholland, this Uptown bakery offers small group bread baking classes two times each week. In the Bread Basics class, students learn how to make basic white dough, whole wheat dough, and sourdough starters as well as mixing and shaping techniques. (Monday and Tuesday nights during the first three weeks of each month, $75)