Very few menu items contain the entire food pyramid in one bite, but the burrito manages to fit it all in a toasted tortilla. It's a filling meal for lunch or dinner, but - as we all know - it becomes our number one priority after a long night on the town. With that said, Halsted Street in Lincoln Park has an unprescedented collection of late night joints that are the perfect chaser to last call. 

Now, if you're not familiar with the Lincoln Park area, the 2400-2500 blocks of Halsted is what I like to call "The Burrito Highway." In a span of four cross streets, there are four burrito restaurants that are all primed to cure your late night cravings. So without further ado, it's my pleasure to share with you: burrito heaven:

La Bamba (2557 N Halsted St)

With its bright neon sign proclaiming, "BURRITOS AS BIG AS YOUR HEAD,"  La Bamba has a large menu and clean storefront. This is a joint for people who love beans. Every time I eat here I can't help but think, "This is a large amount of beans for a burrito." I always have had a good meal here, but those who just filed out of the bar seem to have a great one. They flock here in droves. 

Allende (2408 N Lincoln Ave)

Right in-between Lincoln and Halsted sits Allende, a DePaul University and Lincoln Park classic. Allende receives the most business due to their location being only a few steps from the Lincoln, Fullerton, and Halsted cross section. Due to high foot traffic after bar close, Allende can become so packed that you could end up waiting in a pretty long line for your food. Their staff is very accommodating and move through orders quickly, so don't worry if you're out the door.

Taco & Burrito Express (2540 N Halsted St)

If you're like me, the first time you pass the grimy and outdated storefront of Taco & Burrito express, you'll probably think, "I probably shouldn't eat there." Get that thought out of your head, because you should. Open 24 hours, Taco & Burrito Express rolls massive burritos that taste great. They also have a WIDE variety of fun burritos. One of their burritos, The California, has french fries wrapped in with the meat. I've noticed that this place gets a lot of late night workers and locals like cab drivers or construction workers as regulars. It's a local classic that I wish more people would give a try.

Taco & Burrito Palace #2 (2441 N Halsted St)

Known by locals as "Number Two," this fine establishment wins the honor (and my heart) for The Best Burrito on Halsted. Number Two's burritos are the best on Halsted for three reasons. Number one, they toast the tortilla on the flat grill perfectly. Number two, the burrito is very large and will take care of your deepest late night cravings. And number three, they have the largest chunks of meat out off all the establishments on Halsted. This holds most of the juice and keeps the meat very tender.

Anyway, on top of the burrito, the service is fantastic. The guys in the kitchen are very inviting and fun to talk to. They LOVE their job and it shows in their high quality food and clean restaurant. Number two is easily the cleanest of all the burrito restaurants on Halsted, which should only make your late night decision even easier. So after a long night out, make sure that Number Two is your number one destination. Oh, and try the spicy vegetables on the counter, but a warning, they are extremely spicy and not for the faint of heart.

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