Switch Committee

I love comedy, but I especially love improv. There's something about seeing a great improv show that just takes my breath away and leaves my heart happy. So if you're looking to check out some of the hottest improv shows Chicago has to offer right now, you're in luck. Turn on that window fan, because you're going to need to cool off after you check out these shows on hot Chicago nights.

Switch Committee at iO Chicago

Switch Committee is breaking onto the Chicago improv scene in a big way. This team is dynamite and fearless. They play fast, furious and physical (and I like it). There is never a dull moment with these guys. I mean they literally attack one another at times. They are one of the hottest commodities in Chicago right now, so do yourself a favor and catch them while you can. The gentlemen of Switch Committee are available for your viewing entertainment Thursdays at 8:00pm (through August) and Saturdays at midnight (until July 20) at iO Chicago. Learn more at SwitchCommitte.com and read a full review at LifesAFunnyScene.com.

Hitch*Cocktails at The Annoyance Theatre

Have you ever seen a full-length, non-stop, real-life, feature film-like improvised thriller? Doubtful. Guess what? That can change. Hitch*Cocktails is an Alfred Hitchcock based thriller and is one of the most brilliant and funniest shows I've seen in Chicago. From murder and mystery to pop culture and historical references, this cast lays it all out there. Oh, did I mention it's a drinking show? Right, yes, it's a drinking show, so obviously it's going to just get even funnier as the evening progresses. Grab a cocktail and join Hitch*Cocktails at The Annoyance Theatre on Friday nights at 10:00pm (through August) for a thriller drinking show you won't forget... or maybe you will... depending on your cocktails. Read a full review at LifesAFunnyScene.com.

3Peat at iO Chicago

I am bonkers for 3Peat. They are the only all-African American improv team I'm aware of in the city and they are incredible. They start each show with a personal question from the audience then respond to it with a real life story. From there, hold on, because 3Peat takes off into a whirlwind of energetic improvised scenes that will leave you laughing so hard you're crying. Beginning on Wednesdays for the month of July, you can see 3Peat at iO Chicago at 10:30pm. Read a full review at LifesAFunnyScene.com.

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