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Comedian/writer/director/musician/Second City alum/Chicago native, Jon Glaser, is coming home to host a session of The Writer's Salon. This special speaker series, presented by The Second City, provides valuable inisght from some of the entertainment industry's most proven veterans. Oh, there's also wine and snacks.

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The seductive sound of Montell Jordan's "This Is How We Do It" rolls out of the radio as you cruise through Chicago's Old Town neighborhood. It's 1995 and you're on your way to The Second City to see a show called Piñata Full of Bees written and performed by an ensemble whose names you aren't familiar with...yet, including a guy named Jon Glaser.

Jon and the cast of Piñata, which included Adam McKay (Director of Anchorman), Rachel Dratch (SNL), Scott Adsit (30 Rock) among others, helped redefine The Second City and Chicago comedy. And when they left Chicago, they kept redefining comedy wherever they went.

Flash forward 17 years. The four-time Emmy nominated Glaser is the writer and star of Delocated on Adult Swim, a vet on Late Night with Conan O'Brien, and one of the finest comic minds of our time. And now we'll get a glimpse into that mind, because he's coming home for a Writer's Salon at The Second City Training Center on January 18 at 5:30pm. 

One Question Interview with Jon Glaser

I caught up with Jon to ask how Chicago influenced him as a performer and writer:

The Chicago scene certainly influenced my writing. For me, improv is writing on your feet. I find myself acting out scenes and ideas as I'm writing, trying to hear the dialogue in my head, that sort of thing.

For performance, there was plenty of inspiration, as far as the talent level that I got to see on a daily basis. You're watching and improvising or acting with some very impressive performers, and it challenges you to raise your game. It's not that it changed my sensibility. That was always there. It's more about thinking of how you can make your performing/writing/ideas/whatever, better, or smarter, or more interesting.

The Salon will include stories from Jon's career; tips for aspiring comedians, snacks and a Q&A. Reservations are $20 and can be made through The Second City Training Center.